Be the talk of the town

Whether we like it or not, we live in a technology filled world.


Within minutes, even seconds, a video or picture can go viral. There's over 6 billion smartphones in use. By stimulating your target audience's emotions & senses with our "out of-the box" 3-D marketing tactics, we are able to capture valuable screen space.

This is the end to boring marketing for your business, service, or product.

Your new guerrilla marketing campaign will draw attention to it whether someone is walking and it causes them to finally look up from their phone, or if they are scrolling on their feed and see the popular photo of your new "ad." 


People hate annoying ads, especially pop-up ads. They can't look away or hit that "X" button quick enough.

What if we told you that we bring your brand right to your potential customer and they love it, in away that isn't boring! 


How you ask?

We make marketing fun, 3D, & memorable with our guerrilla marketing methods.

Each marketing project or product launch we take on is created to capture the individual goals & needs of your business. We understand that every company, budget, and customer is different. With that in mind, every campaign is different in approach, tactic, timing, place, cost, and results.


The Goofy Gorilla Project is here to connect you with your awaiting customers in an unprecedented way.